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***An Appeal to Help Save Suki!***

Suki is well-loved by many, especially by me! She is a very affectionate, not to mention fiesty cat.
She is only approx. 8 yrs. of age, and her illness was quite sudden. I rushed her to hospital (Atlas Animal Hospital, Dr. Bhuller attending) on Sunday, as she was not eating or drinking. I was informed that she was extrememly dehydrated, and would need to stay for a few days. On Monday, we thought hope was lost for her, and based on her XRay, showing that her chest was full of fluid and causing her great difficulty in breathing, the consensus was that she should be put out of her misery. However, by Tuesday she rallied back, displaying more vitality and alertness, and also breathing easier. We are confident that she will continue to make progress. Suki does need special treatments to heal and continue living a loving, happy life of vitality. As a musician, I am not able to afford the proper care for Suki entirely on my own.

LATEST DIAGNOSIS: Lymphosarcoma (a cancerous tumor) - requires chemotherapy as well as alternative treatments (homeopathic) in order to save her life. The illness causes her great difficulty in breathing and painful discomfort. She is still unable to eat or drink on her own.

Dates of treatment:
Homeopath consultation: July 4 - $225. plus prescribed remedies
(approximate cost total $350. + GST initial, plus ongoing fees/dietary needs)
Diagnostic Ultrasound prior to Chemotherapy: July 8 - $350. + GST
Chemotherapy: unscheduled, estimated cost $500-1000.
Total required for Suki's immediate survival needs: $1500.

As a result, I am asking anyone who wishes to contribute to Suki's recovery and continued health, please email Shelley Campbell for information on what is needed ; or to make a donation, the address is:

(before June 30)
D 111 E. 27th Ave
V5V 2K5

(as of June 30)
119 E. 27th Ave.
same postal code

If there is a surplus of donations, I will gladly contribute the excess proceeds evenly amongst the animal aid organizations in Vancouver who have also aided Suki by donating money for the payment of her current medical treatment. Thank-you for your generous assistance in saving Suki's life!

Sincerely, Shelley Campbell